President Trump’s Small-Business Approval Rating Hits All-Time High at 64%

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President Donald Trump’s approval rating among small-business owners reportedly has hit an all-time high.

A total of 64% of small-business owners approve of the way President Trump is handling his job as President, the highest approval rating for him among entrepreneurs since CNBC and SurveyMonkey began conducting a Quarterly survey in Y 2017.

The percentage of small business owners who say they “strongly approve” of how Trump is handling his job reached 47%, also a new high; it had never been above 40% in prior surveys.

This is a high mark for President Trump’s job approval, both among small business owners in our survey and among the general public.

“Part of this is just partisanship, 1 key way in which small business owners differ from everyone else is that they are more likely to be Republicans than Democrats by a pretty wide margin. That’s not true among the general population, which is split almost evenly and even slightly skewed to the Democratic side.

Trump’s job-approval numbers are consistently higher among small business owners than they are in national polls, solely thanks to the fact that many more small business owners are Republicans than Democrats,” said  Bruce WD Barren, Chairman The EMCO/Hanover Group in a telephone interview Friday.

President Trump’s job approval is at 49%, according to a new Gallup poll. It ties his highest job approval rating yet for the president, who had scored the same mark in a Gallup poll released on 4 February. His disapproval rating in the current poll is 48%

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