President Trump’s Numbers Give Dems Nightmares on Criminal Justice Reform

FLASH: The Second Chance Act giving Democrats nightmares.

With their hopes for defeating President Trump in Y 2020 depending largely on turning out the black vote in its usual monolithic numbers, Democrats have been relentless in trying to paint The Trump Administration as evil for Black-Americans.

But a report released this month by the U.S. Sentencing Commission just made that job many, many times harder.

The report found that the First Step Act of 2018, a criminal sentencing reform bill passed by a Republican Congress and signed by Trump in December 2018, had benefited black prisoners incarcerated in the federal prison system in numbers far greater than other races.

Among the Key findings for all prisoners, as highlighted by Washington Examiner commentator Paul Bedard in a piece last week headlined “Feds: Kushner’s criminal justice reform working, blacks benefit overwhelmingly”:

• 1,051 motions were granted for a reduced sentence.
• 78.9 percent of granted motions were made by the defendant, 11.8 percent by the attorney for the government, and 9.3 percent by the court.
• Offenders received an average decrease of 73 months (29.4 percent) in their sentences.
• The original average sentence was 239 months.
• The new average sentence was 166 months.

More to the point when it comes to the political optics, though, the beneficiaries of those sentence reductions have been mainly black inmates, according to the report.

Only 4.3% of prisoners receiving reduced sentences have been White. More than 90% have been Black, and more than 98% of them have been male.

Those numbers reflect cases processed through 30 April, according to the report, so that’s the effect of the law after only 2 months in existence.

But even in that short time frame, it’s pretty clear that the law’s impacts are a direct challenge to the Democratic Party’s accusations of racism against the Trump White House.

This is an administration, remember, that has overseen an economy that has brought the unemployment rate among black Americans to historic lows.

It’s even drawn support from surprising places, such as rap superstar Kanye West.

Thursday, President Donald Trump deliver remarks about hiring of former inmates during a White House event.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, who has made criminal justice reform a centerpiece of his administration, also spoke at the event. 

In addition, celebrity Kim Kardashian West said on Twitter that she will be part of an announcement. 

Ms. Kardashian West has advocated for the release of inmates, most notable Matthew Charles.

Mr. Charles, a former prison inmate, has had his rent covered by celebrity Kardashian West for the next 5 years. He was the 1st person released from prison under a criminal justice reform law signed by President Trump in December. 

Now, Black Americans are the main beneficiaries of a sentencing reform bill that was passed when Republicans held majorities in both houses of Congress and signed by a President whom liberals, Democrats and their propaganda arm in the mainstream media have spent years now vilifying as a “racist.”

One of the chief offenders in that canard has been 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner Sleepy Joe Biden.

As a US Senator, Joe Biden was 1 of the authors of the Y 1994 crime bill that is the main reason for the country’s high incarceration rate today, particularly among Black Americans, it is a contribution he continues to defend.

Joe Biden, also the former Hussein Obama VP famous for telling a Black audience that a Republican White House if Mitt Romney were elected President in Y 2012 would “put y’all back in chains.”

As usual when it comes to Democrats, exactly the opposite is true.

The party that fought the Civil War to keep Black Americans enslaved in the United States, then spent more than 100 years after that defending Jim Crow laws that enforced a very real kind of 2nd-class citizenship for Black people in the South, has been disgracefully successful at painting itself as the champion of civil rights for minorities for 2 generations now.

It’s a propaganda victory that couldn’t have happened without the complicity of a leftist education system, a dishonest media and, of course, the lies of the Democratic Party itself.

The numbers do not lie.

The Trump Administration helped drive the American economy in ways that have undeniably benefited Black Americans.

It is a Republican Congress and President Trump’s signature that enacted criminal sentencing reform that’s benefited Black Americans in more than 9 out of 10 cases where it has been applied.

And all the Democratic pandering and MSM screaming about “racism” cannot change that.

Democrats typically get about 85% of the Black vote, a number that has been Key for them at election time across the US, that has changed.

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