President Trump’s Mexico Tariffs Play Aimed at China

“If I’m China, I’m worried about the progress we’re making with Mexico, the passage of the USMCA,” he said, saying it will allow President Donald Trump to ‘take the same sort of strategy to China,”– Senator Tom Tillis (R-SC)

According to Senator Tillis, the deal with Mexico to secure the southern border and staunch the illegal immigration surge should prove once and for all to congressional Republicans that “they should provide the President with a lot of leeway” in negotiations.

“He has proven if we give him some even some unorthodox options for negotiating reaching agreements then it’s good for America, it is good for American workers,” Senator Tillis said.

“Past administrations have failed… to use the might of the American economy to get China to play by the rules,” he said, adding “China would like to wait out this President… that’s why we have to move quickly,” he added.

“We have never had a President willing to use all the tools in the toolbox,” Tillis declared. “And I think it’s important we support him.”

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