President Trump’s Foriegn Policy, “So Far, So Good

President Trump’s Foreign Policy, “So Far, So Good”

Thursday, Senator Tim Scott (R:SC) characterized President Donald Trump’s foreign policy chops as “so far, so good.”

In an afternoon TV interview the South Carolina Republican insisted that “we have to have confidence in the President of the United States when he says what he says.”

“The reality of it is that we elect a President, he has to be our leader on global affairs, on foreign affairs,” Senator Scott said. “I think so far, so good. We have to let him do what he’s doing and be in a position to hold him accountable if we find something has gone off the rails.”

Senator Scott made it clear “Russia is an adversary” and any potential 2nd meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin should center on keeping “them on the outskirts of this nation and not invested in this nation whatsoever.”

Senator Scott went on to say it “behooves us to have the healthiest working possible relationship between our leader and theirs, with one caveat.

“That relationship should focus on making sure that Russia stays in its lane and then it does not become part of what we’re trying to accomplish as a nation. I think the President’s trying to do that.”

America First and MAGA

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