President Trump’s Ban Not About Muslims or Business It is About Terrorists

President Trump’s Ban Not About Muslims or Business It is About Terrorists


US President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and travelers from 7 predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States is not intended to be racists or hurt business, it is to protect our nation from terrorists

“This has nothing to do with disrupting business. It has to do with national security,” Larry Kudlow said Tuesday on TV..

“This is not about Muslims, this is about terrorists, This is about ISIS, Al-Qaeda,” he said.

“America has to be strong regarding its national security. President Trump is focused laser-like on that. I happen to agree with him,” said Mr. Kudlow.

Dozens of tech companies, including Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) , Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), are siding with Washington state and Minnesota as they fight President Trump’s ban on refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The companies filed briefs late Sunday with a federal appellate court saying President Trump executive order hurts their businesses.

In their court filing with the San Francisco-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, a total of 97 companies said the Trump travel ban “hinders the ability of American companies to attract great talent; increases costs imposed on business; makes it more difficult for American firms to compete in the international marketplace.”

While some disruption to business may be unavoidable, it would have to be classified as collateral damage in the war against terrorism, said Mr. Kudlow.

Mr. Kudlow explained that would-be terrorists are not beyond staging any ploy to enter the United States. “They want to get in here. They’re adept at the refugee stories. They are adept at getting through the rules. We have seen this time and time again,” he said.

“Green cards, fine. Visas, fine. If it’s legal. Fine. No problem. And let’s not conflate the H-1B visa situation with a potential terrorist situation. If you say to me, the roll-out is sloppy, the execution is sloppy, the explanation was sloppy, Yes. I buy into that. It’s early in the game,” he said, adding that all of the details will be ironed out.

Quoting the legal argument from the tech companies, Mr. Kudlow said the firms contend “the order inflicts significant harm on American business, innovation and growth. The order affects a sudden shift in the rules of entry in the United States and it’s inflicting harm” on the US companies.

“Why don’t they even talk about the terrorist threat? They are conflating the H-1B visa situation with a terrorist protection program. They need to look at themselves and think hard about that because there’s too much libertarianism,” he said.

“I have some advice for the companies you invite. Here’s my advice. Help Trump get his business tax cuts through. That’s what they want. That will help their businesses. That will help the country. That will help them repatriate the overseas cash, not making the wild-eyed accusations about a terrorist threat that they won’t even acknowledge,” he said.

We can expect that Donald Trump will be a strong and demanding leader who applies the best of his negotiating skills to push for US growth.
Donald Trump won’t be an ideological purist like Republicans who support free trade but don’t fight for fair trade.

Editor’s Note: Larry Kudlow is a senior contributor at CNBC, and was a senior economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

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