President Trump’s Authority Upheld By the Supreme Court

President Trump’s Authority Upheld By the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s ruling Tuesday upholding President Donald Trump’s travel ban reasserts the President’s constitutional authority to determine who comes into the country and “what yardsticks they are measured against,” former presidential adviser and security strategist Sebastian Gorka said Wednesday.

“Back in the 1950’s, 1980’s, at the Supreme Court level, it’s been patently obvious that the constitutional authority to decide who comes into the country and what yardsticks they are measured against lies with the Chief Cxecutive.”

The countries on President Trump’s ban list: North Korea, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Venezuela were listed from a threat analysis inherited from former President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration, and mark “nations where there are active either civil wars or terrorist hotbeds, where the identity of individuals coming into America cannot be adequately confirmed.”

Meanwhile, “a lot of money was wasted, and time was wasted” fighting the President’s order, said Mr. Gorka, but now, “the President’s authority is reaffirmed.”

Mr. Gorka hit back against contentions from political strategist Steve Schmidt, who argued Wednesday  that the travel ban helps achieve Osama bin Laden’s goal of separating the West from the Muslim world,

Mr. Gorka noted he travel ban has nothing to do with Islam, as it does not include the most populous Muslim nations of the world, such as Indonesia and Egypt.

“This person has no idea what he are talking about. This is about national security. It’s about protecting Americans. It has nothing to do with religion.”

America First and MAGA

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