President Trump’s Accomplishments, How He Boosted and Bolstered the Economy

There a many reasons why 75%+ of American voters approve of the economy under President Trump, here are 10 of them, as follows:

This week a poll declared that 76% of American voters say the economy is very good or “just plain” good.

And 60% of large and small business owners say they approve of President Trump’s job performance, which is at an “all time high.”

  1. President Trump has created 7-M new jobs. By cutting President Barack Hussein Obama’s new taxes on small businesses, the economy has grown organically for the 1st time in 30 years. While Mr. Hussein Obama fought to bring back jobs lost while in his 1st year as President, he created trillions of new debt just to temporarily hire back a few of the 5-M workers who had been laid off in Y 2009. In contrast, President Trump has created “new jobs” and the best economy in 50 years in 3 years.
  2. No wasteful wars, real foreign policy and real diplomacy. Mr. Hussein Obama got us into new wars in Syria, Libya, and Yemen and more. During Mr. Hussein Obama frame, diplomats and ambassadors were assassinated and 1 of our nation’s consulates was invaded and blown up.
  3. Hispanic, Asian, and all minority employment has hit all-time records under President Trump. All minorities have finally benefited under a President. Overall unemployment has fallen from 4.8 % to a 50 year low of 3.5%, fully 85% of workers happy with their jobs under President Trump.
  4. Fair trade: the US is forcing other nations to play fair. Not a single bureaucrat supported the renegotiation of NAFTA, NATO or TPP. The US has entered a new manner of diplomacy where our diplomats are negotiating fiercely for worker families to prevent bad deals. Withdrawing from bad deals of the past which hurt working families and killed jobs on the East and West Coast for a generation.
  5. Fair taxes on small business and corporations which hire peopleRather than the worst in the world, The Trump Tax Reform has made the US the most competitive place in the world to do business. The new small business deductions and larger standard deductions have increased worker paychecks and spending on Main Street. Under Mr. Hussein Obama in Y 2016, the Us business taxes were ranked the worst in the world.
  6. Strong stock markets under President Trump help over 50% of all working families with a better retirement. Trump’s economic strategy has helped create $10-T in new wealth for our nation. In contrast, the NASDAQ was at the same in Y 2016 under Mr. Hussein Obama as it was during Clinton’s Presidency 17 years before. A study by the Fed found that in Y 2016, 51.9% of families owned stocks, either directly or as part of a fund.
  7. Fair immigration: We have plenty of elderly, orphans, widows, and needy located in the US and we must make it fair again for our citizens and relatives abroad. Lastly, there are over 50 American Nations and territories in the American hemisphere. So, there needs to be a conscious innovation of immigration laws for every country. Talk to any immigration lawyer and they may tell you that the laws for H1B, Asylum and Refugees have been outdated and were written before Mr. Hussein Obama even attend law school, if he did.
  8. Reduction in crime, drug death, and riots: While inner city crime is a problem in big city Democrat controlled strongholds such as Detroit and Chicago, crime down 5% under President Trump which is huge. We had the 1st reduction in drug deaths under President Trump as opioid death went down 2.8% from Ys 2017 to 2018. While Mr. Hussein Obama was in office, about 500,000 died from opioid related death with the number going up each year under has auspices, but that number is finally going down under President Trump’s border control strategy and other common sense “law and order” policies. There have been 1-M parents or children who lost a child or parent under Mr. Hussein Obama, and these voters may be inclined to support a leader who cares about and invests into combating the issue.
  9. Affordable education and education costs coming down with more skills courses available. With new initiatives from the White House, new online programs are being expanded to support those who want affordable education. From Coursera to EdX to Google and others, new online programs supported by The Trump Administration are now available to working parents, the disabled, elderly and those in rural areas. Some courses and degree programs are at little or no cost. Higher education will have many changes in the near future as more options are available.
  10. Cost of debt went down for families thanks to President Trump: President Trump is the 1st President in history to lobby the Fed to reduce the interest rates on mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans. He is the 1st President to comprehend that raising interest rates on working families kills the ability for working moms and dads to pay bills or save money. The Fed’s new higher rates in Ys 2017-18 hit hardest the people living from paycheck to paycheck, and President Trump was able to “wake up” the Fed to the “disposable income” realities of working men and women outside of DC and New York.

In the end, if you know somebody who dislikes President Trump and loved Messrs Hussein Obama and Bill Clinton, that is common because the MSM told the American people that Donald Trump only had a 7% chance of winning.

Today, millions of Americans are truly very disappointed with the performance failures of the Hussein Obama Presidency.

Some are having trouble recovering from the failures of Hillary Clinton’s various runs for President.

Mr. Hussein Obama had a tough time coming back from the Fed rates of over 5% in Y 2007 which wiped out the economy for Bush (43) and himself. He spent almost all of his Presidency trying to get the 5-M jobs back that were lost in his 1st year in the Oval Office.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: Mr. Hussein Obama’s tax and regulatory framework were too punitive for workers and small businesses which kept wages and growth stagnant.

It is fundamental that a reduction in taxes, red tape, war, and waste has created a vibrant economy under President Trump and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

The rest of the world is looking at the US like they did during The Reagan Years, and we are all grateful for this place in time of “peace and prosperity.”

And it is clear that the prosperity will continue under President Trump’s policies.

Making and Keeping America Great!

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