President Trump Wants to Open as Much as Possible in May

With the economy rapidly unraveling and nearly 17-M Americans having filed for unemployment The Trump Administration is pushing to reopen the country by 1 May.

Monday, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said he and his team have selected 100 business leaders to join a Special Task Force dedicated to re-opening the economy after the coronavirus crisis passes.

The task force will work with medical advisers to develop a timeline for re-opening the economy, with 1 May as a possible frame for some parts of the economy. 

Secretary Mnuchin said the 100 business leaders were categorized by sector and spanning the US economy.

The 1 area we are particularly concerned about is the small business program,” he said during a daily press briefing by the White House coronavirus Task Force.

Medical experts say it is not only not possible to end the shutdown unilaterally, but ending it prematurely could backfire. Backfire NutZ!

It is disappointing that so many of the medical experts and pundits pontificating in the press appear tone-deaf to the very significant losses of life and blows to American families that may result from an extended economic shutdown,” said Peter Navarro, 1 of President Trump Key advisors!

Making and Keeping America Great!

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