President Trump Wants Air Force One to have a ‘More American’ Look

President Trump Wants Air Force One to have a ‘More American’ Look

  • Red, White and Blue
President Donald Trump wants to change the livery of Air Force One and change the color from white and robin’s egg blue to something “more American”

President Trump made the request during negotiations with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg in February for 2 new 747s to use as Air Force One.

During a meeting in the Oval Office, President Trump said he wanted a color scheme that “looks more American,” and not a “Jackie Kennedy color,” referring to the current design, which dates back to President John F. Kennedy.

The President would prefer a design that includes Red, White and Blue.

President  Trump wants a larger bed, one closer to the executive livery package that he has on his personal plane.

“Why would anyone want to discard an Air Force One design that evokes more than a 50 yrs of American history?” Presidential historian Michael Beschloss told the MS<.

“JFK and Jackie Kennedy approved that timeless design (created pro bono by the premier mid-20th Century industrial designer Raymond Loewy) to replace an earlier version of Air Force One that had simply said ‘MILITARY AIR TRANSPORT SERVICE’ and which made conspicuous use of the color orange, which Kennedy rightfully found ‘gaudy.’

“It was JFK who chose what Loewy called the ‘luminous ultramarine blue’ that has appeared on every version of Air Force One from 1962 on.”

The answer to Mr. Beschloss’ Q is, “that was then, this is now.”

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