President Trump Wants $7.2-B More From Pentagon for Wall

President Trump plans to divert an additional $7.2-B in Pentagon funds for his promised border wall, reports.

The Trump Administration Friday touted the 100th mile of border wall to be built since the President took office in Y 2017, a project partly funded by military construction and other federal funds after President Trump declared a national emergency last February to divert the amount.

Congress only provided a portion of the $5.7-B the President wanted for the barrier.

The administration will take $3.7-B from military construction funding and $3.5-B from counter-drug programs, according to reports.

The President promised 450 new miles of border wall by the end of Y 2020.

The US government is still facing roadblocks, as opponents have lobbied Congress to limit funding and prevent construction in areas like the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, and landowners have battled government seizure of their property.

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