President Trump, “Success is Key to Healing Divided America”

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When asked how to heal a divided nation during this civil unrest, the global C-19 coronavirus chaos, and his re-election campaign, President Trump acknowledged he is a lightning rod for a purpose, pointed back to economic success for working Americans.

“I think it was happening, and then we got hit by The China Virus,” President Trump told Dave Portnoy in an exclusive White House interview Thursday, “I think it was happening: Success. Our country never did better.

We are doing really well, and we are trying to get rid of this pandemic, but success does it. And we were ready to do it.”

You always say you can run for office, you become successful, you can run for local office, you can do things, but there are ways,” President Trump told Mr. Portnoy. “You can get groups together. There are friendly ways of doing it and you can be very successful.

President Trump added that the violent protests are going to have the opposite effect, there is major backlash already.

You are going to have rebounds, negative rebounds if it keeps up the way it is,” he added.

Speaking your mind is good, but you have to do it fairly. We are for justice, because there’s got to be law and order, and there is law and order.

Mr. Portnoy, pointing to anti-Trump campaigns, asked if the President would consider stepping aside for a hypothetical “perfect” candidate.

I don’t know that such a person exists, and I should say, ‘yes, absolutely, I would’ – so let me say it that way,” President Trump said. “Because that is much more politically correct, ‘absolutely,’ but it does not work that way. It just does nott, unfortunately. But I really believe success: We were there. Everybody was working.”

We will be there again!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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