President Trump, “Satisfied With China Purchase Progress in Phase 1 Trade Deal”

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Thursday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said The Trump Administration is satisfied with China’s progress in meeting commitments to purchase US goods in a Phase 1 trade deal, signaling that the pact will survive an initial review Saturday.

China “is now really picking their imports of our commodities — which is a great boon, by the way, for the US agriculture and farm sector,” Mr. Kudlow told reporters at the White House.

Saturday, US trade representative Lighthizer and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will hold the 1st semi-annual review of the trade deal’s implementation in a videoconference.

We have big differences with China on other matters, but regarding the Phase 1 trade deal, we are engaging,” Mr. Kudlow said.

Mr. Lighthizer told President Trump that China is now buying over 40% of US commodity exports, compared to about 20% in the baseline year of 2017, Mr. Kudlow said. 

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