President Trump Proves He Has an Iran Plan

President Trump has proved that he has a plan to deal with Iran.

President Trump ordered a drone strike to kill Iranian General Qassim Soleimani, who led the powerful Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the reason for the strike was that Soleimani was “actively plotting in the region, big actions that would have put dozens if not hundreds of American lives at risk.” He also said the attacks planned by General Soleimani were imminent.

Given that General Soleimani was killed in Iraq, we assume that some of these attacks would have been against the US Embassy in Baghdad.

The decision to kill General Soleimani was not hasty by the President.

Iran has been engaged in increasingly belligerent actions against US forces and US allies over the last year, including shooting down a US drone, a September drone attack against Saudi Oil facilities, and rocket attacks on US forces in Iraq.

The New Year’s’ Eve attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad by Iranian-backed Iraqi militias was the latest provocation. The State Department says General Soleimani approved this attack.

Moreover, General Soleimani headed Iran’s worldwide terrorist operations and was responsible for the deaths of over 600 US troops in Iraq and thousands of Iraqis. He was the mastermind of several major terrorist operations, including a failed Y 2011 attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States in Washington, DC.

President Trump’s Maximum Pressure strategy replaced the deeply flawed nuclear deal. This policy has succeeded in denying Iran access to military technology and has starved the Iranian regime of funds which led to protests against it in Iran. US sanctions also have prevented Tehran from funding its proxies in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq which has fueled anti-Iran protests in these countries.

As part of the Maximum Pressure strategy, President Trump has expressed his willingness to open negotiations on a legitimate agreement with Iran that fully addresses the Iranian nuclear program and the range of other threats posed by Iran. If Tehran continues to refuse the President’s offer, he is content to continue Maximum Pressure.

The drone strike against General Soleimani was consistent with President Trump’s Maximum Pressure strategy. The President never ruled out the use of force in response to Iranian provocations, but also made clear that he did not want to get the United States into another war and would not use military force without a strong justification.

President Trump realizes that there are no easy solutions to problems like Iran. He’s not going to try a quick fix like another weak agreement with Tehran or order military strikes just so he can say he has done something in response to the Iranian threat. When the President uses military force, it will be carefully targeted to protect US lives and interests.

The President is weakening Iran and its influence, defending US interests, and keeping the US out of unnecessary wars.

That is what you call a successful and responsible Iran policy.

America First!

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