President Trump Promised to Lift Americans Out of Poverty, He Kept His Promise

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President Trump has fulfilled a promise Democrats have staked a claim on for decades: He lifted Americans out of Poverty.

The US poverty rate fell to 10.5% last year, the lowest in recorded history, according to economic adviser Stephen Moore.

In 2019, the poverty rate in the United States was lower than it has been at any time since they started measuring it in 1958,” Mr. Moore said Sunday,

Democrats, particularly the progressive wing, use the campaign slogan the Trump’s economy only works for the upper echelon, the facts matter and “Trumponomics” have lifted more Americans out of poverty than any Democrat in at least 60+ yrs.

Trump has been talking about this, but the media has been yawning about it because they do not want to report good news,” Mr. Moore said. “What this tells us is that Trumponomics lower taxes, lower regulations, better trade deals, promoting American energy these policies did not just work for the rich.”

Even the extended Democrat-pressed shutdowns of the China virus chaos, have not proven capable of taking down the Trump-fueled economy.

Since around the middle of May,” Mr. Moore said, “the economy has done better than anyone expected. The Congressional Budget Office thought that we would have an unemployment rate at this time of about 14 or 15%. In fact, the unemployment rate is only 8.5%. We are moving ahead faster than scheduled.

I do not think there is any question that President Trump would be far better for markets and for jobs than Biden would.”

Bruce WD Barren notes: “In my opinion, the Number One priority this November will be the economy and will Trump be able to do it again. A Catalyst effect will be the Ginsburg’s replacement, which as we all know will be either the woman from the Midwest or South Florida. The same will be for the pandemic vaccine even though we all know that there will be a quick approval process by Senate and a vaccine will be forthcoming whether it will be in October or by January, it will happen because of our President’s drive for accomplishments – indicative of a businessman’s drive for accomplishment.So, rest assured they will happen regardless of an election year or not. This is because of our President’s determination to resolve Key issues as prudent as possible and without fear, for any political backlash.

He is becoming our John Wayne of Washington. DC.

Look at Trump’s election platform back in 2016. No other President in history has measured himself against a pre-election platform like Trump. Watch, he is going to do it again with all levels of society benefiting for we are going to witness the fastest return of any economy in history. He accomplished an economic agenda successfully once, which no believed in, except Trump, and in the recovery process, learned how to push the right buttons.

As a recognized expert in the business turnarounds worldwide, believe me  he will do it again, if given the chance for re-election despite the orchestrated polls,” says Bruce WD Barren, Chairman of The EMCO/ Hanover Group. 

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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