President Trump Opposes House $3-T Pork Laden Aid/Relief Bill

Friday, the US House of Representatives on Friday narrowly approved a $3-T bill crafted by Democrats to provide more aid for battling the C-19 coronavirus chaos and stimulating the economy hammered by the medical malpractice.

By a vote of 208-199 Democrats passed a bill that Republican leaders, who control the Senate, have vowed to block.

Republican President Donald Trump has promised a veto if it were to reach his desk.

The 1,800-pg aid/relief bill passed Friday, called the Heroes Act includes $500-B in aid to struggling state governments, another round of direct payments to individuals and families to help stimulate the economy, and hazard pay for healthcare workers and others on the front line of the C-19 coronavirus chaos.

Since March, Congress and The Trump Administration have collaborated on 4 C-19 coronavirus bills totaling about $3-T, passing them with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

This bill failed to attract Republican backing in the House except for Representative Peter King of New York.

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