President Trump on NAFTA, “There is no rush, we get it done right or we will terminate.”

President Trump on NAFTA, “There is no rush, we get it done right or we will terminate.”

Thursday, US President Donald Trump said that “we’ll have something, I think, fairly soon” on a renegotiated NAFTA deal with Canada and Mexico.

“There’s no rush,” President  Trump told a business roundtable on tax cuts at the White Sulphur Springs Civic Center in West Virginia. “We get it done right or we will terminate.

“If we don’t have it done right, we’ll terminate.”

Trump’s comments came as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signaled that he saw a strong chance of reaching a revamped North American Free-Trade Agreement.

The President says NAFTA as a “bad deal” for the US.

“We have a high chance of reaching a win-win-win deal for Canada, the United States and Mexico,” President Trudeau said in Montreal.

“With the pressures of the elections in Mexico, and the US elections, if we could announce something at the Summit of the Americas, that would be great,” he added, referring to the 13-14 April gathering of  leaders in Peru.

“I told my people: ‘We’re making a trip next week to Peru, representing all of South America and different places.’

“It will be very interesting.

“But they said, ‘Oh, let’s have NAFTA before.’ I said, ‘Don’t rush it.'”

He later noted: “When I was running, I said we’ll terminate NAFTA or renegotiate it.

“And, Mexico’s been pretty good.”

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