President Trump Met With Rousing Cheers at Army-Navy Game

President Trump’s 3rd visit to the annual Army-Navy college football game was a roaring success.

President Trump attended to the legacy game Saturday, where he participated in the ceremonial coin toss wearing a “Keep America Great” cap.

Prior to the game, he visited players for both the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen in their respective locker rooms.

While in the locker rooms, President Trump, alongside Defense Secretary Mark Esper, encouraged the players and told them about how their service in the military can now be delayed until after they end their professional sports careers.

So what we are doing now is you will go out, and you will make a fortune,” President Trump told the Army team. “And after you are all finished with your professional career, you will go and you will serve. And everybody’s thrilled.”

When President Trump was introduced to the crowd at the 70,000-seat stadium, many in the crowd cheered and chanted “USA, USA, USA…

The Army-Navy Game might as well have been called The Malcolm Perry game this year. The Navy quarterback dominated Saturday afternoon’s affair as he led the No. 23 Midshipmen to a 31-7 win over Army, ending the 3-game losing streak to their rival. The win gives Navy its 1st 10-win season since finishing 11-2 in Y 2015.

Saturday’s game in Philadelphia was the 120th meeting between the 2 service academies and holds a singular place on the sports calendar.

Making and Keeping America Great!

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