President Trump Knows How to Deal, We Will Get China Trade Deal His Way

Sunday on TV, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said he is optimistic about a trade deal with China because doing business deals is President Donald Trump’s strong suit.

In a network TV interview, Mr. Navarro said he is optimistic that the President will “do the right thing for America“in negotiating with China.

“One thing that the President does beautifully is engage with the business community, labor leaders and everyone in between,” he said.

“A group of executives came in and told us, all the stuff they were going to have on their store shelves on the Christmas holiday, already built in dollar contract,” he said. “It means that these people did not have any power to basically shift the burden back to China. The other thing we heard from these business leaders was that, ‘just give us some time.’ … by the way, we’re taking all of our sourcing production facilities out of China and we’ll continue to do that.”

Mr. Navarro also said he has no doubt the negotiations will end with a deal, “The President will do the right thing for America.”

He also touted the economy as going strong through Y 2020, and pushed back at the dip in the markets on Wall Street last week caused by overblown fears about an inversion curve.

Before I came to the White House I spent a better part of 20 years forecasting the business cycle and stock market trends,” he said. “What I can tell you with certainty, we are going to have a strong economy through 2020 with a Bull market.”

As for the curve, he said, “It is flat, not for bad reasons, but for good reasons.”

We have the strongest economy in the world. Money is coming here for our stock market. It is also coming here to chase yield in our bond market.”

President Trump, knows exactly what he is doing, he knows how to Win!

America First!

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