President Trump Keeps Promise, Starts Building ‘The Wall’

President Trump Keeps Promise, Starts Building ‘The Wall’

US President Donald Trump tweeted pictures Wednesday of the start of a wall on the US-Mexico border.

The fence in California that US Border Patrol officials say should not be confused with the President’s anti drug/immigration Wall.

“Great briefing this afternoon on the start of our Southern border wall,” President Trump said in his post, which was retweeted by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

The border fence beginning in Calexico, CA spans about 2 miles along the border, and construction began last month.

“We just wanted to get out in front of it and let everybody know that this is a local tactical infrastructure project that was planned for quite some time. there is no confusion about whether . . . this is tied to some of the bigger immigration debates that are currently going on.”

The plans for the 30-ft fence began in  2009, though the $18-M anticipated cost was paid for through Homeland Security funds granted to Customs and Border Protection in President Trump’s 1st year.

The agency received about $260.9-M for “procurement, construction, and improvements.”

In the $1.3-T Omnibus Spending Bill President Trump signed Friday, Congress designated $1.6-B for fencing and other border security measures, but the President can allocate money from that legislation as he wished, it is not a congressional budget.

President Trump talked with his Defense Secretary Thursday to discuss how the military budget might fund the construction of a wall on the Mexican frontier.

The United States is testing prototype sections of a 30-ft high wall to be built along sections of the United States southern border to halt migrants and smugglers.

“The wall looks good. I was always very good at building. That was always my best thing. I think better than being president. I was good at building,” President Trump said.

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