President Trump is the Man to Run the Country in This ‘National Emergency’

Throughout this national emergency President Trump has continuously shown Americans that he is the right man to lead the nation.

From the beginning we have seen President Trump’s best qualities.

A while ago, the Quinnipiac poll asked Americans about the President’s best attributes.

The public said he was a “strong person” (62%) and that he “is intelligent” (58%).

Both of those qualities of his have been on view during this worldwide medical crisis.

“President Trump has other arrows in his quiver: He’s calm and does not panic, decisive, and follows the evidence, not the hype,” says Christopher Ruddy.

We saw that early on when Mike Pompeo’s State Department recommended to him that the US shut down passenger traffic from China, he said.

On 31 January, the President issued a travel ban that restricted entry by foreign nationals who had traveled to China within the previous 14 days, that was not an easy decision, as China had just concluded a trade deal and they swore to us they had the matter under control.

Still President Trump made his decision. Soon after, 12 countries followed our lead and banned Chinese traffic.

That decision will prove to have singularly changed what was to be a total catastrophe into a manageable crisis.

President Trump has been chided for not taking the threat seriously. But as his congressional opponents focused on a fake impeachment inquiry, he was busy convening a coronavirus task force, that was in January.

Since then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Company have tried to blame him for the crisis.

This past weekend she told CNN reporters that the President’s “denial at the beginning was deadly.”

And NBC’s Chuck Todd suggested to Democratic Presidential Sleepy Joe Biden that the President may have “blood on his hands.”

These attacks on President Trump are liken to a “blood libel” and demonstrate a degree of political depravity unseen in our politics in modern times.

The record shows that in early January and February neither Speaker Pelosi nor Mr. Todd nor any others were sounding any coronavirus alarms.

Sleepy Joe Biden actually decried President Trump’s closure of Chinese commercial traffic,shameful, Yes!

The day after President Trump’s China travel ban, Sleepy Joe Biden tweeted: “We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.

President Trump’s cautious approach was based on expert advice and information he had at the time.

The Chinese consistently told the US and others they had the COVID-19 coronavirus under control.

At the same time, President Trump was advised China did not have a strong healthcare system, and the US system was far more robust and would handle the pandemic as it had all others before.

Throughout the crisis, President Trump has remained focused and level-headed.

He defers to the experts at his task force’s daily press briefings, and has kept the nation informed without being panicked.

President Trump is keenly aware of the facts, not the hysteria:

  1. This is an epidemic. The coronavirus cannot be “stopped,” but can only be managed.
  1. It is no normal flu. The crisis has been ignited by the fact this flu-like respiratory virus is highly contagious and strikes people who have underlying health conditions and people over 65 with weakened immune systems.
  1. The nation face a hospitalization crisis. There are just not enough beds and ICU slots in New York City, and potentially other areas, to deal with the sudden wave of cases.
  1. We are in a race Vs time. We need beds, medical equipment and gear, and ventilators to deal with the immediate crisis.

This initial virus crisis will be over in weeks. Our manufacturing and health sectors will answer the call. Social distancing will pay off, and ubiquitous testing will prove Key.

And the warm weather of Spring and Summer will help reduce transmission.

Still, many are calling for closing down the nation for 4 wks, a mantra in the liberal establishment that makes no sense.

The Big Q: Why should states that have few cases shut down, what is the rationale for such a move?

Plus, in states that have cases in the thousands, few when compared to normal flu infections, why should all businesses shut down?

Last week New Zealand, after reporting no deaths and only 107 confirmed cases, locked down its whole nation for 4 wks, NutZ!

President Trump’s approach of focusing federal resources on New York is wise. Americans are standing behind him in this War.

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy day, stay at home!

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