President Trump Inherited “Worst, Slowest Economy Since the Great Depression”

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Democrats are blaming President Trump for the country’s economic problems that have been happening since the coronavirus chaos began, but the fact is that The Trump Aadministration “inherited the worst, slowest economy” since the Great Depression, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Thursday. 

Yeah, sure, blame him for the virus as though he created it,” Mr. Kudlow said. “The whole economy is suffering from something he had no control over.”

But in Y 2016, just before President Trump took office, the economy was “teetering very close to recession,” Mr Kudlow said. “The President’s policies of low taxes, deregulation, unleashing energy, free and fair trade deals to improve exports for manufacturers and farmers, those policies generated a tremendous boom and 3.5% unemployment.”

The US-China trade talks are back on, the talks are something that was originally scheduled as a review of the 1st Phase of the deal.

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