President Trump in a Few Years has Established a Legacy Like No Other in Modern Times

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One of the 1st things President Donald J. Trump when he moved into the Oval Office in Y 2017 was hang a heroic portrait of Andrew Jackson, the populist President who fought duels, hated the press, accused economic elites of corruption, and became a folk hero to the American working class

American historians still argue about how good a President Jackson was 200 yrs later.

The Trump Legacy will be that he refocused the country on issues of the business of running the World’s #1 country: including trade, internationalism and the strategic threat posed by China.

He presided over peace and prosperity with the defeat of the Islamic State group, historic Mideast agreements and record-low unemployment across the board. 

He personally engineered the lasting realignment of the 2 main political parties, turning Republicans into a vehicle for working- and middle-class interests in opposition to the technocratic professional elites. 

He did this with force of personality and open contempt of long-established norms and institutions aka The Swamp. He is working vigorously every day to ‘burn the methane’ out of The Swamp and reclaim America for Americans with his America First policies.

A Key to understanding Donald Trump is that he is the 1st US President to come to the office as a pure businessman without any government of military.

Donald Trump is a strong leader that disrupted the status quo, he is the disruptor that caused the Key reversal in the DC status quo. He made promises and kept his promises to The People, the elite Democrats and RINOs actually hate Donald J. Trump, some curse and deride him in public.

Of all of his accomplishments the coronavirus chaos was in many ways ‘sterling’. He confronted it as the enemy, relied on the government experts until he found their advise unreliable and against the welfare of The People.

He quickly organized Operation Warp Speed and brought vaccine/s out in less than 9 months, the government health experts declared it impossible, they were wrong. Millions of people have been vaccinated so far and soon over 100-M Americans will be vaccinates thus establishing herd immunity,

That required a businessman process coupled with compassion while state governors and big city mayors insulted him and helped to organize the complex bureaucracy against him, he always fights back and continues to do so.

Donald J. Trump is a hero to the everyday hard working American.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: Donald J, Trump is authentic.

He is faithful to his word, He chose the Supreme Court justices, he said he would. He took on China. He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. He is more faithful to his promises than any President in history.  He has done exactly what he said he would do so far.

And I, and my cohorts believe he will hammer all of the election fraudster whoever they be and how high up they are. He has the legal team, he has the solid evidence, he is tireless, he will prosecute the election fraud to the N’th degree and show the world he won his 2nd term by a landslide.

He will take no prisoners, as Stonewall Jackson was noted for doing.

Donald J. Trump is an extraordinary President, the right man at the right time in The Republic’s history.

Our colleague, economist/businessman Bruce WD Barren adds, “Despite his personality and tweeting, Trump is a businessman and he delivered in his four years to date as President just what he promised. No other modern US President can say the same about their Election Platform verses their actual performance despite what the Media might say about him. We needed a businessman as our Chief Executive Officer and he delivered, actually measuring his performance on a routinely basis. No other modern day President has even come close to that. 

As a businessman myself involved in multiple industries, Thank You – Mr. President for you gave us right up to the present just what we needed as our President and you plus your family never received any dollar compensation for it – just Press Harassment and Humiliation. What a costs of himself he gave us. 

I challenge whether anyone else would had sacrificed some much for their country for all levels of society, race, religion, and gender for so little monetary reward!

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy Happy Christmas Holiday week, Keep the Faith!

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