President Trump, “I am tired of the virus hysteria” and So are the Vast Majority of the People

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President Trump called CNN “dumb bastards” for the network’s continuous coronavirus coverage and claimed their goal was to “talk everybody out of voting.”

President Trump hammered CNN during a Monday campaign rally in Prescott, Arizona, where hundreds of supporters, many without masks, gathered to hear the President speak.

They are getting tired of the pandemic, aren’t they,” President Trump said. “You turn on CNN, that’s all they cover. COVID, COVID, pandemic, COVID, COVID, COVID.

You know why? They are trying to talk everybody out of voting. People are not buying it, CNN. You dumb bastards.

Early Monday, President Trump told his campaign staff “The People are tired of COVID.”

“Yup, there are going to be spikes, there’s going to be no spikes, there’s going to be vaccines,” President Trump said on a call with his campaign team. “With or without vaccines, people are tired of COVID.

I have the biggest rallies I have ever had and we have COVID. People are saying whatever, just leave us alone. They are tired of it.”

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