President Trump Deploying Military in His ‘Counternarcotics Operation’

President Trump, anticipating a rise of drug abuse in the US due to the global coronavirus pandemic, has marshaled the DoD t for “enhanced counternarcotics operations” at the southwestern border Wednesday.

President Trump spoke about increased drug abuse issues stemming from this health crisis, particularly unemployment and depression.

Now the US Navy and Air Force are going to be conducting an enhanced surveillance operation to combat narcotic shipments, which USAG Bill Barr called “Narcoterrorism.

The cartels have to be defeated,” USAG Barr told the daily coronavirus task force briefing.

General Mark Miley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said,​ “As we know, 70,000 Americans die on an average annual basis to drugs. That is unacceptable. We are at War with COVID-19. We are at war with terrorists. And we are at war with the drug cartels as well. This is the United States military. You will not penetrate this country. You will not get past jump street. You’re not going to come in here and kill additional Americans. And we will marshal whatever assets are required to prevent your entry into this country to kill Americans.”

The Trump Administration is focused on stopping more drugs entering the US and protecting Americans when terrorists and drug cartels might be inclined to increase drug flows during the coronavirus pandemic.

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