President Trump Calls Barack Hussein Obama’s DOJ That Went After General Flynn “Human Scum” and Some

Thursday, President Trump voiced his anger at The Hussein Obama Admin for going after a “duly elected President, and they went after him by going after fine people.”

The Obama administration Justice Department is a disgrace, and they got caught,” President Trump told reporters. “They got caught, dishonest people. But it’s much more than dishonest, it’s treason.”

The remarks came moments after US AG William Barr’s Justice Department dropped the case against Lt. General Mike Flynn for 1 count of lying to investigators.

What the Obama administration did is unprecedented; it’s never happened,” President Trump said. “A thing like this have never happened before in the history of our country. I hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price because they’re dishonest, crooked people. They are scum. And I say it a lot. They are human scum.”

The people should pay a big price for what they have done to this country,” President Trump said, adding a rebuke of complicit media aiding the campaign to diminish the Trump 2016 election victory and the administration.  “Their partner, very complicit, is a thing called the media. The media is totally guilty.”

And all of those writers, they are not journalists, they are thieves, all of those journalists that received a Pulitzer Prize should be forced to give those Pulitzer Prizes back, because they were all wrong.

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