President Trump Brilliantly Outmaneuvered Speaker Pelosi…

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President Trump is a political genius, he has a mind that assimilates things in 4 dimensions in color that he uses brilliantly.”– Paul Ebeling

The Biden Cabinet is shaping up to be a direct return of the old Obama administration, not a business man aboard” — Economist/political analyst Bruce WD Barren

“If Joe Biden’s team, as he put it, were a baseball team, it wouldn’t be an All-Star team, it wouldn’t even be a regular team it would be more like Old Timers’ Day” political analyst Dick Morris

In these last days of President Trump’s 1st term he has simply out maneuvered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on China Virus relief, assuming he gets stimulus checks to Americans raised to $2,000.

Trump is by far more of the genius than Bill Clinton. He’s got a tremendous mind and uses it brilliantly,” says Dick Morris

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