President Trump and Industry Want to Open Up America

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Major travel industry groups have called on The Trump Administration to establish a globally accepted framework for testing protocols in order to support the return of international travel.

The groups, including Airlines for America, the US Travel Association and the US Chamber of Commerce, wrote a letter to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, and Transportation Department Secretary Elaine Chao, noting that other governments have implemented pre-travel or post-arrival testing requirements. 

We ask the US government, working with the aviation industry, to move forward expeditiously to establish similar protocols,” the groups wrote. “We are cognizant of the many complexities and issues surrounding COVID-19 testing. It is precisely because of these complexities that we call on the U.S. government to work on a bilateral and multilateral basis to establish a globally accepted framework for testing protocols for international travel.”

The groups suggested a testing pilot program between the US and either Europe, Canada or Asia-Pacific and asked that the government partner with the industry on new concepts for airports and airlines like bubbles or air bridges.

In addition, they asked that testing protocols be medically based, affordable, dependable, privacy-oriented and nondisruptive. The groups asked that the testing measures be ones that can be conducted within a reasonable time window prior to departure, and that US tests be accepted elsewhere.

Coordinated and deliberate action must be taken to safely reopen the international travel market. These markets must be reopened to unite loved ones with their families, reinvigorate business travel including allowing U.S. citizens access to travel to key economic partners, and spur the travel and tourism market that so many communities in the US depend on,” the groups wrote. 

Other groups on the letter include the Airport Council International – North America, American Association of Airport Executives, National Air Carrier Association and the Travel Technology Association.

The groups noted that the US is set to lose $155-B+ from the economy due to the collapse of international travel during the virus chaos.

Last month, San Francisco International Airport became the 1st US airport to provide on-site rapid coronavirus testing for its employees and said the goal is to eventually extend the service to passengers.

President Trump has urged Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to fully reopen restaurants throughout the Keystone State.

They can open up slowly, but they have to start, they have to start. It’s very unfair to people, and it’s very unfair to the employees when they lose their jobs. It’s very, very unfair. They have to open up,” President Trump said in an interview after his campaign stop Thursday night.

Restaurants continue to struggle across Pennsylvania and America. Some of them have been forced to permanently close amid C-19 restrictions, including capacity limits and social distance requirements.

These Governors do not want to open up, and they have to. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is great. It’s got to be opened up. It’s got to be opened up now,” President Trump said.

President Trump heads for Nevada for the 1st time since we were attacked by The China Virus. The Democrat governor tried to stop the rallies, he Failed!

According to Industry and U.S Government statistics, in 2019 domestic and international travelers spent $1.1 trillion ($1,127 billion) in the U.S. This spending directly supported 9 million jobs, and generated $277 billion in payroll income and $180 billion in tax revenues for federal, state, and local governments. Domestic travelers alone spent $972 billion (a 4.4% increase from 2018), and international travelers spent $155 billion in the U.S., down 1.8% from 2018. Accounting for 7% of total private industry employment in the U.S., travel directly supported 9 million U.S. jobs in 2019.

Thus, without question, the airline industry must be opened up for it is too important for our tourist industry, including hotels, ground transportation, and vacation locations.. Money comes to the U.S. will helps in our trade balances. However, the airline industry must take certain steps too, Included is their improvements must be continued medical testing of all airline passengers/ Further they must considerable correct the air quality circulation on the airplane itself to insure passenger medical safety.

Legislative Bills and Government Grants must be bi-partisan in nature too and the media must be supportive, not employing self-serving language and using fake statements against the President. His business empire is insignificant compared to the travel and tourism industry, its size and effect on affiliated businesses,” says economist and editorial Live Trading News contributor Bruce WD Barren.

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