President Trump and Australia’s PM Scott Morrison Open Plant in Ohio

Sunday, President Donald Trump’s run-up to the UN General Assembly was a visit to 2 Key political states, Texas and Ohio, with 2 world leaders at very successful events.

Sunday, in Wapakoneta, Ohio, President Trump and Australian PM Scott Morrison visited a recycled paper factory being opened by Anthony Pratt, an Australian businessman who is investing billions of dollars in the United States to create thousands of manufacturing jobs. Ohioans crowded into a hot factory chanted “USA, USA” when President Trump talked about products emblazoned with the words “Made in America.”

This great state of Ohio is open for business,” President Trump told the cheering crowd at a new Pratt Industries plant still under construction.

“If it was not for your Presidency, this mill would not be here today,” Mr. Pratt said, praising The Trump Administration’s economic and tax policies.

Next, Trump will spend most of the week in NYC participating in the UN General Assembly.

Earlier, in Texas, President Trump joined Indian PM Narendra Modi to highlight the growth of US exports to India and billions of dollars spent by India on US defense equipment. Deafening drums marked the entrance of President Trump and PM Modi as they clasped hands and walked across the stage in a packed Texas stadium, sending a message of unity between the world’s 2 largest democracies.

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