President Trump, a “Genuine World Leader”

President Trump is proving himself as a “genuine world leader” with his reception in England and during other recent trips, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday.

“There is something pathetic about the American news media who end up in Japan or end up in Great Britain, end up in France,” Speaker Gingrich said. “Half of them revert to asking questions though they are in Washington, DC The questions are trivial. Usually hostile to America. They undermine the President who luckily for the country is bigger than that.”

And if one watches President Trump in England, or in his recent trip to Japan, where he was the first foreign head of state to meet new Emperor Naruhito, he “emerges as a genuine world leader, despite every effort of the American news media to keep him small,” said Speaker Gingrich.

Speaker Gingrich also said he thinks President Trump was right when it comes to his comments about the BREXIT agreement.

“They would have been much better off saying to the Europeans, you have 60 days to figure this out,” he said. “The Europeans are deliberately making it as painful as possible, to send a signal to Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, this is what it is like to try to leave. They’re terrified if the British have a successful departure, there will be four or five more countries waving goodbye in the near future.”

There have been some protests in London against President Trump, but late President Reagan had “much greater” resistance in Europe than there has been to President Trump.

President Reagan was very anti-Communist, wanted to strengthen the western defenses. The Soviet Union financed the peace movement. This is one of those little secrets the left does not talk about.

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