President Trump (45) Set to Return to Social Media in a Big Way

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“Twitter and Facebook bans haven’t Silenced Me” — President Trump (45)

President Trump (45) said on TV Tuesday that social media companies have not succeeded in stifling his voice or muffling his message.

President Trump was modest about his return to social media which is in the works via his own app. And despite a lack of forceful and expressive Tweets or Facebook posts, his impact is still very strong in the digital space.

“They haven’t silenced me,” President Trump told Heather Childers on Newsmax’s “American Agenda.”

President Trump noted Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) may be too big at this point to feel the wrath of any disaffected conservative users.

But, he took direct aim at Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). TWTR had been Trump’s most-used social media platform and, on it, he often broke news of White House major world developments himself. President Trump used Twitter to contact The People directly thus bypassing the MSM something they viscously rebelled against.

Now, “Twitter’s become very boring … many people have left,” President Trump said.

Tuesday, US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said social-media companies have too much power over public speech, suggesting they be treated as utilities so they can be regulated by the government.

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