President Trump (45) is ‘one of only a few America politicians who did not use their elected office to enrich themselves’

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Donald Trump’s net worth declined by $1.2-B, while he took no salary as President…”— Paul Ebeling

The Key to America’s triumphant future will be to build on the gains the amazing movement has made over the past 4 yrs,” President Trump (45) told 100s of leading Republican donors  

Adding, “Under our leadership, we welcomed millions upon millions of new voters into the Republican coalition. We transformed the Republican Party into a party that truly fights for all Americans.”

President Trump’s (45) net worth declined $1.2-B while he was in office according to our analysis.

“Donald J Trump’s devotion to America and the American Dream shows that he is one of only a few politicians who did not use their position to enrich themselves“– Bruce WD Barren, LTN economist and savvy political analyst.

Factors that contributed to the losses include his aging portfolio assets, the VirusCasedemic, and attacks from the left against him, his family and his business empire.

The Big Q: Did you or anyone you know ever hear him complain?

The Big A: No! And he has and will never accept defeat.

Mar-a-Lago is the only area in President Trump’s empire that has made money during his Presidency. It took in $23-M last year as opposed to $22-M in Y 2019.

President Trump did not take the $400,000 salary allotted to presidents while he was in office. Instead, he donated that money causes he deemed worthy. He also stepped away from his business empire to serve as President, leaving it to his sons to take over until his term was concluded.

Liberals in the press and on social media celebrated President Trump’s loss, but his his supporters defended him and continue to laud his unyielding patriotism and devotion to the America First principle.

Now, President Trump’s economic policies are fueling the strong economy recovery as the nation reopens. Activity in the hardest-hit leisure and entertainment sectors has picked up significantly in recent wks as consumers regain the confidence to resume dining out and traveling by air.

We expect that President Trump and his sons will carefully manage the regrowing of The Trump Empire during the next 4 yrs. as they all diligently and tirelessly work to Make America Great Again!

Bruce WD Barren notes: The only other President that I can think of is Harry Truman who was broke when he became President and left the same way he entered. Clinton claims he did but following his Presidency he, Hilary and Chelsea all become multi-millionaires. The same applies to our current President plus Barrack and Michelle Obama! Put yourself in Trump’s shoes – would you have done the same and on top of that, taken such Media abuse – I doubt it!

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