President Donald J. Trump, the Democrats and Elite Republicans ‘Hate’ Him

Treating the President with disrespect is an American tradition since John Adams, a founding father.

Perhaps, it started with Revolutionary War Patriots and other non-Loyalists reviling King George III and British rule of the American colonies.

Thomas Jefferson Vs the Federalists was not pretty either, as it seems the fatherhood of Sally Hemings’ children was considered fair game in the Y 1800 and 1804 election cycles.

But perhaps the most disrespect was continuously heaped upon the gawky country bumpkin from the uncivilized Midwest.

Abraham Lincoln was unfavorably compared to baboons and suggested he had an inappropriate interest in “Negress” due to his opposition to slavery. That continued until someone shot him. Then he was revered as a Savior of the Union and in Y 1922 his larger-life statue was enthroned in a Temple aligned with the Capital Building and the Washington Monument.

Pick an opposing party and any President, you will find plenty of disrespectful treatment.

The press did its fair share to entertain their partisan readership and sell newspapers.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was “traitor to his class”, shot at, and reviled as “that man” long after death even though successfully leading us through WWII.

Now, the MSM and the Internet amplifies Presidential disrespect to new heights.

Recent Presidents have borne the brunt … with the growth of political interest groups espousing very partisan agenda ensuring that the “s-show” never dies down.

Barack Hussein Obama brought out the worst and they elevated to a love/hate relationship.

Our President, Donald J. Trump has embraced this “love/hate trend” and foregoes the act of being “Presidential” and his supporters Love it.

By Randell Benson (USN ret.)

Paul Ebeling, Editor

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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