Poll: American Voters Favor President Trump’s Immigration Halts

Poll: American Voters Favor President Trump’s Immigration Halts

Early Monday, US President Donald Trump defended his executive order on immigration, blaming Delta Airline’s computer outage and protesters for causing chaos at airports over the weekend, explaining that “there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists.”

American voters support 48-42%”suspending immigration from ‘terror prone’ regions” even if it means turns turning away refugees from those areas, a Quinnipiac University poll revealed Monday.

The poll highlights, as follows:

  1. 48% of voters approve of suspending immigration from terror prone areas, including 72 percent of Republicans and
  2. 24% of Democrats.
  3. 53% of voters support requiring immigrants from Muslim countries to register with the federal government, including
  4. 75% of Republicans and 34 percent of Democrats.
  5. 59% of voters believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the US, and eventually apply for US citizenship, including 38% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats.

The poll was conducted between 5-9 January before President Donald Trump signed his executive order on refugees.

President Trump’s order temporarily suspends immigration for citizens of 7 majority-Muslim countries for 90 days.

President Trump’s aides also defended the executive order, comparing it to a Y 2011 policy on Iraqi refugees. In Y 2011, President Barack Hussein-Obama imposed additional checks on Iraqi refugees after 2 Iraqis were charged with terrorism offenses in Kentucky.

A federal judge in New York last week issued an emergency order temporarily barring the US from deporting people from the 7 nations subject to our government’s 90-day travel ban.

The order barred US border agents from removing anyone who arrived in the US with a valid visa from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. It also covered anyone with an approved refugee application.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Sunday the court ruling would not affect the overall implementation of the White House order.

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