Political Correctness has London Under Siege

Political Correctness has London Under Siege

The UK has had an open door policy on refugees and “tolerance” policy towards Islamic extremist groups, now the city looks like a warzone.

Imam’s and their followers around the country have called for Sharia Law and offered support to terrorist groups.

The ongoing activities of advocacy group Cage highlight the problem of militant groups hiding extremist ideals behind the face of Anti-Racism and Political Correctness.

The small campaign group gained worldwide attention after it emerged Briton Mohammed Emwazi, unmasked later as “Jihadi John”, took his claims of harassment by the British authorities first to Cage. The then research director of CAGE Asim Qureshi said Emwazi had been a “beautiful young man”.

Mohammed Emwazi was a British Arab, the person seen in several videos produced by the Islamic extremist group ISIL showing the beheadings of a number of captives in 2014 and 2015. A group of his hostages nicknamed him “John” since he was part of a four-person terrorist cell with English accents whom they called “The Beatles”; the press later began calling him “Jihadi John”.

CAGE tried to shift the blame for Jihadi John to, of course non-muslims, saying Since 2001, the British authorities have systematically shifted the spotlight away from its foreign policy and its security agencies by placing blame for violence at home and abroad solely on Muslims. Mohammed Emwazi was, in fact, a Muslim.

The government says up to 984 armed military personnel will be deployed on Britain’s streets as part of ‘Operation Temperer’, which has been launched in the wake of the terrorist attack at a pop concert in Manchester. Twenty-two people were killed, including children, and 59 were injured when Salman Adebi, 22, blew himself up at Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Foreign Secretary Amber Rudd told Sky News that “people are likely to see some military on the streets.” The deployment is intended to free up armed officers for counter-terrorism operations.

On Tuesday night, the British government raised its terrorist threat level from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’ – the highest on the scale – meaning another attack is considered imminent. It was last raised to this level after the 2007 Glasgow airport bombing

Troops have been deployed to guard Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, and Parliament after Prime Minister Theresa May warned that another terror attack is “expected imminently.”

Meanwhile, a knifeman was arrested on The Mall outside Buckingham Palace on Wednesday morning just moments before the Queen passed by in a car on her way to an engagement at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Westminster Palace has been closed to the public in light of police advice, and will not re-open until further notice, a statement on its website said.

In addition, the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace was canceled on Wednesday in order to redeploy officers, the Ministry of Defence said.

Sadiq Khan has Destroyed Peace in London

The Metropolitan Police registered a significant spike in knife and gun offences, while detection rates are falling across every category of crime.

An annual report published by Scotland Yard revealed a 42 percent increase in gun violence as well as a 24 percent rise in knife offences compared to the previous year.

In the 2016/2017 financial year, there were 12,074 knife crimes as well as 306 gun offences in London alone.

A major contributing factor is an emerging gun and knife culture amongst young Britons, who reportedly think it’s “cool” to carry a weapon.

“I went to a primary school recently and I asked how many in this class of 30 kids knew someone who carries a knife. Three quarters of the class put their hands up,” Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“That’s really worrying as most of these children would not be those that we would stop and search because they are 10-year-old kids.

“The reality is that people who carry knives are much more likely to be stabbed than people who don’t. Parents and teachers need to do something to stop this phenomenon.”

The new statistics reveal the first major increase in crime rates in the UK for three decades.

The reports comes after a warning by the Inspectorate of Constabulary, the government’s police watchdog, that police in Britain are in a “potentially perilous state” due to the significant cuts to the force’s budget.

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