Physical Energy Boosters

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Healthy meals and snacks help us make it through the day” — Paul Ebeling

Almonds: Look for whole almonds with the skins intact as many of the healthy flavonoids and antioxidants are in the skin. Choose “dry roasted” almonds no preservatives, sugar, or corn syrup added.

Caffeine: Treat yourself to Latte Breve’s during the day and an espresso after 4p.

Dark Chocolate: When choosing chocolate, keep in mind that this is not the milk chocolate bar near the checkout stand of the grocery store. Milk chocolate is more sugar than chocolate. You are looking for chocolate that is 70%+ cacao (cocoa) content to enjoy the benefits outlined here.

Water: HHHO (hydrogenated) water (10ACITY) is strong and does not fight with espresso, dark chocolate and almonds.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively