People Stay In, Wild Animals Come Out

The coronavirus pandemic has cleared the streets in some of the world’s largest cities and Mother Nature is moving in filling the void.

According to reports wild animals are reclaiming the streets in some cities across the globe.

In east London, a herd of 100 deer, believed to have come from nearby Dagnam Park, settled in at a housing estate in Harold Hill.

Deer moved into the ancient Japanese capital of Nara, where around 100 deer were seen casually walking around the city, but that is a Summertime tradition there.

Spotted deer were also seen wandering along a road in the city of Tirupati, in India’s populous Uttar Pradesh region, during the nation’s lockdown of 1.3-B people.

In the north of Italy, wild boar have been seen roaming in Bergamo, the news reported. 

Paris has drawn a pack of wild pigs too, while the city is on lockdown.

In the Chilean capital Santiago, Puma were seen roaming the streets of the city, the 4th most populous metropolis in South America.

It has been reported hordes of starving monkeys were spotted in the streets in a city in Thailand, fighting over food scraps, due to the pandemic.

As of Friday morning, more than 1-M coronavirus cases have been diagnosed worldwide, more than 270-K of which are in the US, now the most impacted country in the world.

Have a healthy weekend, stay home!