Paris Parking Rewards By ‘Bird’

New in-app parking feature rewards riders for parking in designated zones

Bird today announced that it is rolling out a comprehensive parking solution that drives riders to park in predetermined agreed locations throughout Paris.

The new parking solution directs riders to end their ride in a predefined location in order to help ensure Birds are parked responsibly and out of the pedestrian right of way. This experience, when coupled with Birds’ innovative geofencing and Bird Watcher program, provides a solution to the parking issues the city has faced.

“The city has spoken and we have listened. This intuitive new experience for riders means we can work with the city to help direct our riders to two-wheel parking zones while maintaining the best possible rider experience,” says Kenneth Schlenker, Head of Bird France. “Making our cities more livable for all community members is core to our mission at Bird, and keeping vehicles out of the public right-of-way is an important piece of that.”

This new in-app parking experience directs riders to set parking spaces using visual reference points, real-time navigation, and GPS enabled alerts informing them once they are within an approved parking space. To encourage riders to park correctly, those who park in the designated zones will get rewarded with money off their next ride. Parking locations can be set up, and moved, in partnership with the city of Paris to ensure they are optimized for the needs of each community. Bird has already mapped out suitable parking areas away from sidewalks to help play its role in removing poorly parked scooters.