Paris Hilton Crypto Queen Order of the Egonauts 5th series NFT

Paris Hilton Crypto Queen has been famous, infamous and perhaps the first to be called famous for being famous. Some refer to her as the true OG influencer and it’s hard to argue otherwise when you consider the trajectory of social media over the past 20 years and the huge role that influencers now play in 2022. Yet, it is her conviction in NFTs, early advocation of the metaverse and public support around web3 culture that led Order of the Egonauts to choose her. After all, as a person who helped build her sphere of influence riding the wave of Web2, it is impressive to see her so elegantly step into the world of Web3

Paris Hilton as a Cryptocurrency Advocate

In March of this year, Hilton performed at the South by Southwest (SXSW) tech conference in Austin. Her DJ performance at The Sandbox metaverse event was a surprise at the time, yet in retrospect was just a glimpse of what was to come. In August, Hilton announced she was bringing her Malibu mansion and more to her land in The Sandbox’s metaverse. With the promise of epic social events, rooftop parties and other web3 community empowered gatherings that will inevitably help elevate the space, it seems Paris is well on her way to becoming the queen of crypto in 2022; the exact type of queen that NFT project, Order of the Egonauts would honor by paying tribute to.

Paris hanging in an 8 bit meta world with a nod to the Ethereum blockchain and the Sandbox she is collaborating with while Vitalik Buterin rides a rainbow unicorn.

The Paris Hilton Egonaut represents the 5th series in their ongoing collection of 12 that continues to be released over time. The previous 4 Egonauts featured Egonaut, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, CZ of Binance, Elon Musk and Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia and Vee Friends.

Founder of Order of the Egonauts, Chris Pederson aka Bill Spayships states, “When we choose a certain figure to be an Egonaut, we dedicate significant time to researching their lives. This goes beyond just their influence in the space of cryptocurrency as we use this research to incorporate meaningful traits in each unique NFT illustration”.

Paris on Rodeo Drive in a flight suit reflecting her grandfather Barron Hilton’s affinity for aviation. Her Ethereum bejeweled tiara sparkles above her shiney Bitcoin pumps.

About Order of the Egonauts

The Order of the Egonauts NFT collection is created as a tribute to the heroes and villains of cryptocurrency. Each Egonaut is released as a series of 101 one-of-one pieces of original hand drawn artwork.

Every series is illustrated with traits relevant to the past, present and future of the Egonaut featured. Thus each NFT tells a visually unique story about the life of that Egonaut as a form of historical record. There will be 1,212 total NFTs once the collection is complete in 2023.

A limited release of 22 Paris Hilton Egonaut NFTs will be available to mint on October 13th for those on the early allow list. Visit and click on the link to be added to the list.

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