Paid Agitators, Leftist Schoolteachers, Democratic Politicians Behind Anti-Trump Rioting

Paid Agitators, Leftist Schoolteachers, Democratic Politicians Behind Anti-Trump Rioting

Anti-Donald Trump protests across the country are being whipped up by professional agitators, teachers at schools where students are marching out of class and politicians who talk about “leading the fight.” 

“I think they could be agitated by the professionals,” former NYC Police Commissioner Kerik said Monday.” “They could also be agitated by the teachers. I just find it hard to believe that an entire school would be led out to go out into the street and protest. These are kids that cannot even vote yet.

“These are professional agitators, and I think we should get away from the word ‘protest.’ These are rioters, these are people that are engaged in barbaric and lawless behavior. There have been people shot and killed at these events.

“People that have been beaten down millions of dollars in property damage. And if the protesters are so worried about their communities that they want President Elect Trump to be involved with and to communicate with, why are they going out there and destroying them?”

He added: “I’m concerned about the silence from the Obama White House . . . and the Democrat Senators and Congressmen that I’ve heard on the Sunday morning shows talking about leading the resistance, talking about leading the fight. This was a constitutional election. This isn’t a coup or a takeover of the government.”

Mr. Kerik said he was “stunned” by the nod of support to the anti-Trump forces from Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) , who said “God bless the protesters.”

“I’ve known Cory Booker for about 18 years maybe. I respect him. I’ve had a working relationship in Washington with him over the last 3 years on criminal justice issues,” Mr. Kerik said.

“But I have to tell you . . . I was stunned. His language leading to resistance, leading the fight, encouraging the protests — these are people that are engaged in lawless and barbaric behavior.

“If I was Cory Booker and someone like him, I’d be more concerned about the damage and destruction in these communities and working with the president instead of against the President, and that’s what appears he’s doing, and I hope I’m wrong, but I have to tell you . . . I was pretty shocked.”

Mr. Kerik said those found to be inciting crowds and paying individuals to go out and “engage in lawless and barbaric behavior,” should be charged with federal hate crimes and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“They should be charged with the assault, charge them federally with a hate crime,” Mr. Kerik said. “They have to be held accountable. You can’t go out there and engage in this kind of behavior and be let off the hook.”

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