Orthodox Jews Back President Trump in Record Numbers

Support for President Trump among Orthodox Jews throughout the US has been growing since his election 3 years ago and is now at an all-time high.

This was among the findings of a just-completed poll in Ami Magazine a newsweekly published in the US and Israel.

Where 54% of Orthodox Jews voted for President Trump in Y 2016 Ami found that 89% of the same group plan to vote for his re-election in Y 2020.

Obviously, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a key factor in this strong support he has,” Bruce Herschensohn, Senior Fellow of International Relations at Pepperdine University said.

He added, “There are certainly other factors behind this support, such as the strike at ISIS, the President’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights where a new Israeli settlement was named “Trump Heights” this year and his executive order against anti-Semitism on campuses.”

Ami found that 91% of Orthodox Jews opposed impeachment of the President, compared to only 5% who support it.

The issue of anti-Semitism particularly stood out in the poll.  According to Ami, “although 26% of respondents identified themselves as Democrats, most of them said they didn’t trust their own party when it came to fighting anti-Semitism.”

In fact, the poll found 92.5% said they trusted President Trump and the Republicans to fight anti-Semitism and only 1.5% said they trusted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. 

Asked which President they felt accomplished more for the security Israel, 82.5% named President Trump, and 2nd was Ronald Reagan (9.5%), followed by George W. Bush (4.5%), Barack Hussein Obama (1.5%) and Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush tied at 1%. 

Orthodox Jews comprise roughly 10% of the American Jewish population.  But given their record of a high voter turnout and the prospect of a close election in Y 2020, their impact on the voting could be highly significant. 

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