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The full powers of the Presidency and the White House were on display Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention and…

David Bossie, the chairman of the conservative advocacy group Citizens United is advising Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, Tuesday he said that he believes the President will win 3 states in the Y 2020 election that he narrowly lost in Y 2016 clinching victory as a result.

Mr. Bossie was Deputy Chairman of Donald Trump’s successful Y 2016 campaign, and is not back in President Trump’s inner circle. A longtime Trump confidant, Mr. Bossie is serving as co-Chairman of President Trump’s Maryland campaign team and speaks regularly with the President and his reelection team

In an interview Tuesday Mr. Bossie said President Trump’s campaign leadership is “really focused on the battleground states that are important and that are in a very good place to take that 9-week run to the finish line.”

Mr. Bossie predicted that President Trump will win in part by flipping states he narrowly lost last time.

Nevada is definitely in play, Minnesota is 100% winnable, as is New Hampshire,” Mr. Bossie said. “All 3 of those states the President can and will win.”

Mr. Bossie predicted President Trump will win Arizona and potentially neighboring New Mexico.

Mr. Bossie said that Citizens United is not yet involved in the mail-in voting litigation, but will “be getting involved post election if that’s necessary.”

He blames MSM for unnecessarily scaring voters about The China Virus, making voters more fearful than they need be.

They’re afraid because the media continues to perpetuate the story,” Mr. Bossie said. “When the numbers were getting worse in Florida, everyone loved to beat their chest about how bad it was getting in Florida.”

Mr. Bossie said he believes the election will be a landslide and the results will be beyond doubt.

I think Donald Trump is going to win so big it is not going to be in question,” Mr. Bossie said.

President Trump may be the only member of his family to win major elected office, but his deputy campaign advisor for the 2020 re-election campaign is envisioning a family political dynasty that will outlast his time in the White House.

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