No Matter How Much You Like Strawberries, Avoid Them, They are the ‘Dirtiest’ of the Dirty Fruits

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Strawberries remain in the Top spot on an annual list of fruits and vegetables found to have the highest traces of pesticides, avoid them” — Paul Ebeling

The 2021 “Dirty Dozen,” released Wednesday by the Environmental Working Group, ranked pesticide residue levels of fruits and vegetables based on samples taken by the US Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drug Administration. 

There are 2 changes to this year’s list, they are soul food ingrediencies’ collard and mustard greens, They joined the list at #3, sharing a spot with vegan lovers kale. The pesticide most frequently found on these greens was DCPA, a compound classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a possible cancer causing carcinogen.

Almost 70% of non-Organic produce sold in the US contains pesticide residues, the new EWG report stated. And more than 90% of samples including strawberries, apples and leafy greens tested positive for residues of 2 or more pesticides.

Avocados and sweet corn took the 2 Top spots on the clean list, where fewer than 2% of samples showed any detectable pesticides.

The most important thing is that everyone should be eating lots of fruits and vegetables, experts recommend buying Organic. My observation: Organic food is a whole lot cheaper than Rx medicines.

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