No Deaths By Vaccine

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The CDC and other government agencies are monitoring reported reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines and, so far, they have not attributed “a single death” to the vaccines,

As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out, reports of deaths after vaccination have popped up in the Europe and the US.

But, infectious disease specialists caution that deaths occur in certain situations that are part of life anyway, and people should be wary of attributing death after a shot of vaccine to the vaccine.

These vaccines have had incredible safety profiles in the trials and post-authorizations,” said an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital.

It is human nature to draw a connection between events especially when they happen close together, but it does not mean one caused the other.

Every time someone gets sick or dies shortly after getting the vaccine, government agencies investigate to ensure there’s no link.

The CDC, FDA, CMS and the Department of Defense are all collaborating on a series of surveillance activities for medical events that occur after vaccination.

Some people experience side effects like fever, fatigue and a sore arm. But so far, the CDC has not identified a single case in which the vaccine caused a person’s death.

So, resist the temptation of assuming these events are related, do not be afraid.

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