“No Covid concerns at the Lake of the Ozarks”

A video clip posted to Twitter  shows dozens of pool party-goers enjoying themselves at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, on Memorial Day weekend with no sign of social distancing or face masks.

The video, which has the caption, “No Cvid concerns at the Lake of the Ozarks,”  has elicited millions of responses nationwide. Opinions are divided between the not scared Missourians and the scared others

Many of The People cheered the party-goers, with one person tweeting, “This is wonderful to hear. Masks aren’t only dangerous (breathing in the toxins one exhales can damage lungs) common sense but masks signify control, dehumanization, muzzling & enslavement.”

One scared person’s critical reply of those at the party in a tweet said, “If even just 1 person has COVID19 here they infect almost 3 people. Those people then bring it back to their families, work, and grocery stores. This behavior is immoral and a gross derelict of humanity.”

The Lake of the Ozarks expected a large turnout this weekend, with 1 resort manager said “It’s supposed to be one of the biggest Memorial Day weekends we have seen at the lake here in years.”

The bar hosting the event on Facebook said this was its launch of a Summer party called “Zero Ducks Given Pool Party.” 

Have a healthy Memorial Day, Keep the Faith!

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