The New Looking Glass: Naked 3-D Fitness Mirror

The New Looking Glass: Naked 3-D Fitness Mirror

You look into the mirror, and you reflection looks back at you, as you checking if your outfit is precisely in place and your hair is lovely before you step outside.

The mirrors we most often know do not usually fulfill any significant purpose other than being there for us to look into. That is until this one.

Naked is an intelligent mirror set to empower us towards a healthier life, visualizing our body’s progress and redefining the way we view our own reflection.

The world’s first 3-D body scanner for the home acts just like a full-length mirror, while delving into the most intimate parts of the body. The mirror is not called Naked for nothing.

Naked is also designed to recognize its users with an auto-user recognition function, and can be easily adjusted with a handy toggle located on its back panel for a suitable scanning angle.

This amazing new invention boasts a 1/10 of an inch in depth map accuracy and uses weight and the volume from its scan to calculate body fat percentage.

Think of it like a virtual hydro-static dunk tank test, but with a cutting edge, futuristic update that scans the body with Intel® RealSense™ Technology, with a +/-2.5% accuracy.

Equipped with a handy wireless charging feature, Naked is designed to last an average user about 2 months per charge.

Naked recommends a minimum scanning of at least once a week.

Despite its name, one does not actually have to be naked. Wear whatever feels the most comfortable, but best results come with a recommendation of underwear, compression shorts or spandex, since whatever skin that is exposed will be measured.

Max Braun, the inventor, has always dreamed about a future not unlike the ones he watches in the movies.

Late last year, the software engineer at Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) decided he was done waiting and had an epiphany to transform his ordinary bathroom mirror into something quite extraordinary.

1st, he thought maybe the stores sold what he was looking for, but he was wrong. The parts he needed were easy to find, and a few people had a similar idea, but none matched the one he envisioned.

A short time later he posted his finished, but not final, prototype on Medium, a community where writers and readers share interesting perspectives or ideas.

Stay tuned…

Paul Ebeling

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