New Face Mask Neutralizes C-19 Coronavirus with UV Light

Oracle Lighting. a private company, has developed a new UV (ultraviolet) light system to be worn under face masks that will sanitize the air, neutralize live viruses such as C-19 coronavirus and protect against the 5% of particulate that manages to get past N95 masks.

Existing air filtration masks trap particles from incoming air in the cloth material worn on the face, but they do not disinfect or sanitize the particles on the masks, which can become saturated with live viruses, pathogens or other microorganisms and cause infection through cross-contamination.

The patent pending AIR device is composed of a small cover made of an anti-microbial polymer which is worn on the face and attached with straps similar to a traditional face mask. The user wears a traditional face mask (cloth mask, surgical mask, N95, etc.) over the device. A small rechargeable battery pack powers the device and can be manually turned on and off by the user. In addition to the anti-germicidal LEDs, the device also contains UV-A LEDs which provide a wider light spectrum and visible light. The visible UV-A LED functions as an indicator that the device is on and working.

The company expects the device to be available by June 2020

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