New Alexa Called To Assist Elderly Daily

“The new Petalo Platform harnesses the dynamism of technology to drive innovation across senior care operations.

Leveraging the power of Amazon’s Alexa and the latest in artificial intelligence technology, the Petalo Platform seeks to increase interoperability within senior care facilities – from the inside out.” –, a company focused on passionately unscrambling senior care operations through technology, announces its official launch and market entry.

Founded by senior care industry veterans Camille Roussel and Jason Gottschalk,’s service is a voice-first customer engagement platform that increases customer satisfaction and dramatically improves staff efficiency.  

Petalo, the company’s namesake platform, harnesses Amazon’s Alexa to engage residents with seamless and personalized interactions.

The platform enterprise solutions include:

  • a mobile application for caregivers to triage assistance requests,
  • a management dashboard with key performance indicators,
  • and an intuitive voice-first artificial intelligence for resident, guest, and family interaction.

Residents can instantaneously communicate requests to staff, access information on community’s services and staff, and get up-to-date listings for events and menus. Petalo engages with guests more quickly and accurately than other traditional methods. The immediate feedback provides faster response times and greater peace of mind, increasing customer satisfaction.

Petalo delivers real-time information ensuring staff is informed with the latest requests and empowered to prioritize their workflows. Rather than walking blindly into resident rooms, staff arrived equipped to deal with issues on first contact. The care team shares a common view of requests, which allows them to engage in decision making and triage instead of feeling micromanaged by the systems around them.

“We are excited to bring the Petalo platform to the senior care industry,” CEO, Camille Roussel said. “For over a decade we struggled on the provider side with challenges in the technology available to care providers. The systems available were frustrating for our staff to use and failed to deliver value to our customers. We created to modernize senior care operations and allow leadership teams to delight their residents, guests, and staff.” care