Never Eat This Food on a Plane

Imagine being on a plane and everyone decides to take their shoes off at the same time. That stench is Durian. If you’re not familiar with the spiky Southeast Asian fruit. Although it’s not illegal to bring Durian on board, so long as it’s properly wrapped, leave it at home lest you want a revolt onboard.

Travelers have some pretty strong feels about what does and does not pass as an in-flight snack.

Here are the worst offenders, as follows;

Leave Cheetos at Home

The crunch is incessant, and while licking fingers clean and placing them on shared armrest is one way to mark one’s territory, it is also nauseous. Cheetos are for the couch, not coach.

No Salad Nicoise

The options are Auntie Anne’s pretzels, Au Bon Pain, and those packaged turkey sandwich fridges. A salad Nicoise’s smell assaults in close quarters; tuna, hard-boiled eggs, olives, anchovies, and a vinaigrette makes everything extra unctuous and un-delicious.

Not Loving It

Ok to eat McDonald’s before the flight, but not on it!

Keep Your Gum Where it Belongs

Chewing gum etiquette. There is nothing more disgusting than opening up your tray table and realizing that you cannot because someone mistook it for a sidewalk and now it’s fused to the back of the chair. Use the barf bags for your gum disposal, people. That is why they exist. Well, except for barf.

Skip the PB&J

It might be tasty, and it might be convenient, but way too many people have peanut allergies these days, and it not not worth the risk of making someone else feel less-than-stellar. The TSA prohibits any peanut butter more than 3.4 oz, anyway, which is hardly even worth it. In fact, skip the peanuts altogether.

Enjoy your travels