Mr. Biden’s Virus Plan is President Trump’s Virus Plan

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Mr. Biden spent months on the presidential campaign trail saying he had a superior plan to combat COVID-19. As turns out his plan is really nothing more than President Trump’s plan.

“I mean, obviously, that he thinks I like they have to do something,” said , Representative Ronny Jackson, MD (R-TX)

Monday, Dr. Jackson, who had served as White House physician to Presidents Trump and Hussein Obama said, “So what they have done is taken everything that President Trump has done to combat this virus, and they’ve re-labeled it as the Biden plan.”

Dr. Jackson noted that the press has called out Mr. Biden on his plan to have 1-M vaccinations a day in the 1st 100 days of his presidency. When he was told The Trump Administration already had that on track, he immediately upped the number Monday, telling reporters he hoped to see 1.5-M vaccines a day.

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