Mr. Biden’s Class Warfare Will Crush the US Economy

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After Barack Hussein Obama took office and especially after he was reelected, there was a big increase in the number of rich people who chose to emigrate from the United States” — Paul Ebeling

There are many reasons wealthy people choose to move from one nation to another, but Mr. Hussein Obama’s embrace of class-warfare tax policy, including FATCA was seen as a big factor.

Now comes Mr. Biden’s tax agenda which is significantly more punitive than Mr. Hussein Obama’s, so we may see something similar happen again.

Mr. Biden’s proactive banter about reforming the Senate filibuster is a dangerous signal for pushing through the progressive “anti-business” agenda without any Republican support in Congress, according to President Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

If they get rid of the filibuster, then a lot of the progressive Democratic legislative agenda will go through.

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) going to fight it. McConnell has other Senate rules that he can use to slow the train down, but many of us believe that it a big problem.

Larry Kudlow noted in an interview, “It is the 1st time that I have heard President Biden really adamantly saying the filibuster has to change. He has been lukewarm on that before, but now it’s very clear to me he wants that to change.

Mr. Kudlow lamented, “The Biden agenda is going to crush business, growth, and the middle class.”

High taxes are not going to build an economy, we are not going to be competitive around the world. We are not going to bring investment home. We will going to repel investment, corporations will leave.

Inversions will start all over again. If Mr. Biden wages war on businesses and wealthy investors, he is NutZ. And that’s part of this class warfare that will do great harm to the US economy and to the financial markets.

And given the economic importance of innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors, Mr. Biden’s plan would be not be good news for the American economy.

Mr. Biden’s is perceived as a masked bandit!

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